“30 me mins” – I didn’t go back to watching cat videos!

This is working for me! I’ve completed my first week of trying “30 me mins,” where I spend 30 total minutes on 3 of my hobbies each workday: drumming, German language and writing my 2nd novel. Read my previous post here.

Granted, 10 minutes on each of these a day doesn’t feel like enough time. But what I have found is that my brain now tends to think about them throughout the day: new ideas for my novel, conjugating a verb in German, drumming a paradiddle on my desk at work.

It’s given me the motivation I needed to progress in each of these hobbies, and I found I look forward to this 30 minutes everyday. Spending time on them no longer intimidates me, because I’ve time boxed them (set a specific amount of time to each).

If I feel I didn’t have enough time on any one thing, I simply make a note to work on it the next day. And maybe during the weekend I will have the time to dig in deeper on something and dedicate more time to it if I want to.

Give it a try, I recommend it!