partly cloudy

I find it strange and interesting that I can feel so different from one day to the next, for no obvious reason.

Yesterday was Saturday.  I woke up with my heart fluttering and my chest tight.  I was nervous until midday when I exercised.

Today is Sunday.  And while I had a similar night to Friday last night, and I have a similar day ahead of me today, I feel very different.

I am calm.

I even drank a second cup of coffee.  Watched a movie.  And don’t feel anxious about what I need to do today, or the thought of going to work tomorrow.

You never know how you’re going to feel.  Just remember nothing is permanent.  The clouds may drift away and there is only sunshine.

Each day is fluid and new, so never lose hope.

Get it, keep it, read it when you can!


I am running a 2-day FREE book promotion for my novel, At the Corner of Main & Crazy: a novel.  Much to my surprise, there were over ONE THOUSAND downloads in one day!  I had to keep rubbing my eyes, sending a screenshot to a friend to make sure I was seeing clearly. I am overwhelmed by the interest!

While the topic of mental illness is intense, the feedback is it’s an easy read with a lot of humor. Sounds like a perfect holiday read to me!

If you don’t have time to dive in now, go ahead and download it today, tuck it away, and read it when you can!

“30 me mins” – I didn’t go back to watching cat videos!

This is working for me! I’ve completed my first week of trying “30 me mins,” where I spend 30 total minutes on 3 of my hobbies each workday: drumming, German language and writing my 2nd novel. Read my previous post here.

Granted, 10 minutes on each of these a day doesn’t feel like enough time. But what I have found is that my brain now tends to think about them throughout the day: new ideas for my novel, conjugating a verb in German, drumming a paradiddle on my desk at work.

It’s given me the motivation I needed to progress in each of these hobbies, and I found I look forward to this 30 minutes everyday. Spending time on them no longer intimidates me, because I’ve time boxed them (set a specific amount of time to each).

If I feel I didn’t have enough time on any one thing, I simply make a note to work on it the next day. And maybe during the weekend I will have the time to dig in deeper on something and dedicate more time to it if I want to.

Give it a try, I recommend it!