Do I really have to sit here for 8 hours?!

Work or school can be a tough place to deal with anxiety. Even though I liked school and have had the fortune of enjoying every job I’ve had since high school, there are times anxiety makes me feel like a captive, chaining me to my desk as I resort to white-knuckling it through the rest of the day.

Eight hours is a long time. But if the day could be broken up into smaller pieces – at least in your mind – so you can say “I’ve made it halfway through the day” or “only 1 hour to go”, it might seem more manageable.

At a past job, there was an automated email I received everyday at 3pm. The email was simply a status about a system I managed, no big deal. But pretty soon, I was looking forward to that email every day. It signaled I had only 1 more hour of work. I’d see the email and buckle back down for 1 more hour. Cause I could make it through 1 hour.

At my current job, I listen to a radio program during lunch – 92.9 dave fm’s “Radio Free Lunch” (now a sports talk station). Everyday there is a topical theme – songs about summer, songs about superheroes for The Avengers movie release, songs with the cheesiest lyrics for National Grilled Cheese Day, song from artists you’d dress up like for Halloween – you get the idea. I look forward to it everyday. It means my work day is halfway through, and I enjoy the anticipation of what songs they’ll play to fit the theme.

It’s a simple, silly thing. But sometimes it’s those things that get you through.