Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness, by William Styron

I rated this book two stars. While it was therapeutic to read about William Styron’s (author of “Sophie’s Choice”) experience with depression, I would have wished for more on his recovery. Instead, the focus was on his illness and suicidal thoughts. Depression is dark enough. I think the reader could benefit from a more positive outlook with more description on overcoming it.

Hawaii Five-0 – Danny needs to think positively!

Hawaii Five-0

Ku I Ka Pili Koko S4 Ep19

In this episode of Hawaii Five-o, Danny admits his negative thinking blocks him from happiness. Steve listens and gives him a challenge…

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Steve: Fear is a state of mind, Danny, OK? You’ve got to fight through it.

Danny: I disagree. I think that fear is actually your friend. It tells you when you’re supposed to avoid a situation. But you never listen to it. That is why we’re here in the first place.

Steve: That would be a compelling argument my friend, if you weren’t afraid of absolutely everything. This morning, you had your mental breakdown cause your girlfriend met your kid. It doesn’t matter what the situation is for you, you gravitate to the worst possible outcome.

Danny: Once again I’m proven right. We never should have gone into this situation blind in the first place.

Steve: You alright?

Danny: No, I’m not alright.

Steve: Listen, I’m sorry OK, please relax.


Danny: It’s not in my DNA to be happy.

Steve: I didn’t mean that, it’s not what I meant.

Danny: No, I’m officially agreeing with you. There’s something wrong with the way that I’m built. I can’t just enjoy happiness like regular people, you know?

Steve: You don’t think you’re being a little hard on yourself?

Danny: No, I don’t. When I was a kid, my parents would go out to eat dinner. If they were late coming home I used to imagine they died in a car wreck just cause they were 15 minutes late. I used to talk to God and beg him, I’d say “Please take my dad, not my mom” cause I couldn’t live without my mom. I mean everytime something good happens in my life, I think of when it’s going to end. That’s all I can think about.

Steve: For real?

Danny: Yeah.

Steve: That’s not normal.

Danny: I know it’s not normal. Listen to this. My wedding day, I’m looking at Rachel, just about to say “I do”. All I can see is the day she’s going to serve the divorce papers. No joke. I don’t know, the only happiness I’ve felt in my life so far is Grace. And it’s just a matter of time before she turns 18 and she’s out the door and she marries some schmuck, I don’t know.

Steve: You gotta change, man. You can’t live like that.

Danny: I’d like very much to change but it’s not so simple.

Steve: You can, alright? Start small. Instead of pushing her away, like you always do – fixated on how she’s gonna break your heart, destroy your life – bring her in, bring her closer.

Danny: I’ll give it a shot.

Jesse Jackson Jr. suffering from depression

I saw this headline today on Yahoo!: Jesse Jackson Jr. in Mayo Clinic for depression

My heart goes out to him and his family.

It’s also interesting that one of today’s top 10 trending items is “depression”. It made me think – are people looking up depression to learn more about what Jackson is dealing with, or are people who have been suffering motivated to get help in light of Jackson’s news?

I think this is an important idea to consider. There have been many public figures with mental illness: Abraham Lincoln, Terry Bradshaw, Catherine Zeta Jones to name a few. You might find one of your favorite icons here: Famous People With Depression. For us private citizens, these people can be an inspiration. Not because they are simply “famous”, but because these people have been productive and even successful while dealing with these problems. 

I’m not saying we should strive to be as highly-regarded as someone like Lincoln. But just knowing his story helps give me confidence to be the best “me” I can – to strive to be a hard worker and a good friend & relative to my loved ones.

Who has inspired you?