Acknowledgements for At the Corner of Main & Crazy, a novel


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I thank God for His promise of a peace beyond understanding.


Thank you Christina Ranallo, for sharing your gift of teaching, for making me realize a story has to be more than “A man falls in a hole.”


If a ballet teacher isn’t strict, they aren’t effective. Ballet is an art of strength, endurance and perfection, and Brad McCaskill teaches it brilliantly.  Thank you for continuing my love & respect of ballet, for making me a stronger dancer and for perhaps unknowingly incorporating life lessons into your instruction.


I have been blessed with so many wonderful girlfriends throughout my life. You didn’t know it, but each of you helped me learn to cope. I watched as you laughed, and started to learn that we would all be OK, together.


To my brother, my original musical influence.  You gave me the love of music and it has been one of the biggest joys in my life.


There is NO DOUBT I would not have gotten past the outline stage without the fabulous folks in my writing group! Thank you Kevin Ramirez, Simone Hanson, Sam Moffitt, Jaager Good and Brent Lambert.  Writers can’t write in a bubble, they need their work to be heard so they have the opportunity for continual improvement.  Equally important is the support this group has provided me when I kept asking myself “Why am I doing this?!”


My Mom & Dad truly emulate unconditional love.  Your steadfast love and support through the years has provided a firm foundation I find comfort in every day of my life.  I am blessed to be your daughter.

My husband Gordon will never read this book (because there’s not enough cars in it). What’s important is his steady support of my goals, for allowing me countless hours to dedicate to this work. Thank you for simply holding me when the only thing that feels natural is to cry. For loving me for who I am.  Thank God for you.

At the Corner of Main & Crazy, a novel

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Main & Crazy book cover

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Some question Foley’s decisions. Like why after earning a Computer Science degree, she quits on the day of her first promotion, moves back home and becomes a cashier at a grocery store. What no one knows is Foley’s life decisions are driven by anxiety, and her desire to keep it a secret. She envies her childhood friend, Melody, who seems to float through life, while she endures heart palpitations and hyperventilation.


Self-medicating by eating Pop-Tarts, binge drinking and listening to rock music at ear-bleeding levels no longer helps. Especially once she meets Russell, whose positive energy makes Foley feel a normal life is in reach. But making room for him no longer allows the time or space to vent her anxiety.


Foley begins a roller coaster of drool-inducing medications, doctors’ rejections and coffee enemas all in an attempt to “fix” herself. But this ride threatens to reveal her secret. It drives her away from Melody, who only has a few precious months before moving across the country, and tests Russell’s tolerance of Foley’s true condition. Foley needs to find her remedy, before she loses everyone she loves.