The Power of Vulnerability – interview with Rachel Karu on LA Talk Radio

Check out this insightful interview The Power of Vulnerability with Rachel Karu, a personal and professional coach and founder of RAE Development (Reflect, Act Excel).
There is power in being vulnerable? Rachel explains vulnerability can increase our self-awareness, allowing for more genuine relationships with others. This brought to mind several examples that have endeared people to me:

I also see vulnerability in my loved ones and co-workers when they use self-deprecating humor, and am drawn to that behavior. It makes people seem human, more relatable, just like Rachel says in her interview.
The fear of “looking like you don’t know” – WOW. That truly is one of my biggest fears, and has crippled me for years!! Finding myself in that situation makes me feel more vulnerable and exposed than anything else. I have incorporated that fear into the novel I’m writing. It’s been therapeutic to see how ridiculous that fear is when it plays out in my character as she fights to memorize every product and its location in the grocery store where she works.
Rachel emphasizes getting a hold of your “gremlins” – recognizing your negative subconscious thoughts. This is hugely important!  I’ve found talking it out with someone (therapist, loved one) is the best way to shed light on the TRUTH.  Read this scenario:  
Rachel ends the interview with a call to action: take baby steps. It’s the only way to go for me!  When I can break down a task or event into small, manageable pieces, I can move forward.  Ever seen Bill Murray as a psychiatry patient taking baby steps in the movie “What About Bob?”

Shadowlands, by Erin Farwell

Shadowlands is a whirlwind of gansters, prohibition, family betrayal and murder. Caught in the middle is our hero, Cabel Evans, a shell-shocked war vet asked to solve the murder of the daughter of one of his soldiers.

I related to the anxiety Cabel dealt with inside, and the struggles he had to hide it from everyone. Here are a few quotes that resonated with me.

“I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to see you. I knew you’ve been back for several months, but you’ve kept to yourself. I’m sure you needed some time to adjust to being home, but I’m glad you’re here now. Maybe you’d like to have dinner with Mabel and me this Sunday? She cooks a lovely roast, and I know she’d be delighted to see you.”
Cabel opened his mouth to speak but no words came forth. His head spun with thoughts and feelings he could barely identify, except for fear. That one was an old enemy, so close to him as to almost be a friend.

He looked up to see Dr. Lewis observing him as if he were a patient.

“Don’t worry, my boy. Life works best one step at a time, eh?”

Cabel’s chest tightened with deep grief and a fearsome rage as he thought of his best friend. Why the hell had they gone to fight in a war that wasn’t even theirs? How could their parents have pushed them to do their duty and have their glory with no thought to the cost? Why couldn’t Jon be sitting here now, safe and whole, instead of the shattered vestiges of the man Cabel had once been?

He felt himself slip into a blackness deeper than any night. Rather than fight against it, he leaned back in his chair and let the darkness pull him down. Pictures flashed through his mind like so many postcards scattered across a table. The pictures slowly ordered themselves and became a moving picture show.

The lawyer ended the handshake more quickly than was socially acceptable. Here was a man who knew the worst that Cabel had done and judged him soundly for it.

A sense of exposure, so complete that Cabel felt naked, had every muscle tightened in preparation to flee. His forehead and palms were damp again, and his heart raced with a speed that he wished his legs could match. As if in a nightmare, though, he remained rooted in his hell.

NBC’s The Office has anxiety!

Kudos to NBC’s The Office for including an anxiety disorder in their Halloween episode!
After Dwight finds an anti-anxiety pill on the floor of the office, he goes on a hunt to find what he’s sure is a mad man.
When Nellie (the owner of the pill) confesses, she tries to convince him it’s not a big deal, everyone has anxiety. So true, especially in an office environment!
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