Jesse Jackson Jr. suffering from depression

I saw this headline today on Yahoo!: Jesse Jackson Jr. in Mayo Clinic for depression

My heart goes out to him and his family.

It’s also interesting that one of today’s top 10 trending items is “depression”. It made me think – are people looking up depression to learn more about what Jackson is dealing with, or are people who have been suffering motivated to get help in light of Jackson’s news?

I think this is an important idea to consider. There have been many public figures with mental illness: Abraham Lincoln, Terry Bradshaw, Catherine Zeta Jones to name a few. You might find one of your favorite icons here: Famous People With Depression. For us private citizens, these people can be an inspiration. Not because they are simply “famous”, but because these people have been productive and even successful while dealing with these problems. 

I’m not saying we should strive to be as highly-regarded as someone like Lincoln. But just knowing his story helps give me confidence to be the best “me” I can – to strive to be a hard worker and a good friend & relative to my loved ones.

Who has inspired you?

Looky What I Found @ Work…a little blue friend with the same problem as me!


It’s Panicky Smurf!

He was just hangin’ out at my co-worker’s desk, minding his own business…panicking.

I don’t remember him from my Saturday morning cartoon-watching days in the 80’s. Do any of you?

It’s too bad really, I would have related much more to him than Gargamel, or his mean cat.


Prozac Nation, by Elizabeth Wurtzel – excerpt #5


“You don’t need an excuse to be depressed,” Dr. Sterling told me in one of our sessions. “You just are. You have to stop feeling guilty about it. Feeling guilty is just making you more depressed.” “This is going to sound dumb,” I began, far too aware that everything I said was so trite, “but, the thing is, I really don’t feel like I have a right to be so miserable. I know we can look back and say my father neglected me, my mother smothered me, I was perpetually in an environment that was incoherent to me, but – ” But what? What other excuses do you need? I wasn’t feeling gross enough to mention Bergen-Belsen, cancer, cystic fibrosis, and all the other real reasons to be sorrowful. “But a lot of people have hard childhoods,” I continued, “much harder than mine, and they grow up and get on with it.”

Please see excerpt #3 for my thoughts on depression and guilt…